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For a good sleep, begin with three things: all screens off by 9:30pm, lights out by 10:30pm, and change your sheets weekly..

Sleep is the start of it all. People who sleep less than 6 hours a night are as impeded as drunk drivers, have higher resting heart rates and blood pressure, are more likely to be overweight, get adult onset diabetes, heart disease, and so on. Without a good sleep, you have low willpower, won’t want to eat good food or workout, and won’t recover well from workouts and other stresses. Improving your sleep will make you feel better, even if you do nothing else.

Screens must be off by 9:30pm because the television, social media or news scrolling, are designed to stimulate you, wake you up and capture your interest. Would you ask someone to poke you with a stick repeatedly before bed and then wonder why you couldn’t sleep? You need some time to clear your mind. Listen to music, meditate, talk to your spouse, have a lingering bath or read a book.

Lights will be out by an hour after that as most will have settled down by then, and this allows you eight hours until a typical get-up time of 6-7am.

Change your sheets weekly – along with tidying and airing your bedroom – for a better sleep. On average people change their sheets every 26 days. How comfortable would you feel wearing the same shirt for a month? One of the great things about hotels is their fresh sheets.

There are many other things you can do to improve your sleep. But having screens off by 9:30pm, lights out an hour later, and changing your sheets every week will be a good start, and you won’t be falling down in the rack like Lexy.

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